Our Creative Director, Amira On Brand Identity

What makes a good brand? Is brand identity design a worthwhile investment? We deep dive into how professional agencies do it and get to the grit of why it works.
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First Impressions

As most successful entrepreneurs know, it’s a little-known fact that first impressions are made within the first few seconds, and these impressions last. Some research suggests that it only takes a tenth of a second to begin determining traits like trustworthiness. Yikes!

When I began studying brand design and brand psychology at university, I remember the tremendous pressure I felt as a designer when realising the importance good brand design has to the success of a business in modern times. Pouring over the statistics was mind-blowing; a whopping 97% of Australian businesses fail, and it seemed like a momentous challenge for brands embarking on their battle to be seen.

Can you relate?

It doesn’t need to be such a challenge, of course. After all, brand design is about finding solutions to problems. Whether you’re a professional service,  a consumer goods brand or a hospitality business, the core foundation principles are the same.

So, where on earth do you start? Well, the fundamentals are pretty simple, really, and I will break them down for you.

Addressing Some Misconceptions About Branding

First, let’s understand some common misconceptions;

Now that we know what a brand identity is not, let’s take a look at the ingredients that make a good one. 

So what makes a seriously good brand identity?

" Good brand design is the careful consideration of a combination of design elements that create a consistent feeling – and getting this right is key. "

In a nutshell, good brand design is the careful consideration of a combination of design elements that create a consistent feeling – and getting this right is key.

Whether you are a start-up or an existing business needing an overhaul, good brand design is essential to your success. It needs to make a memorable impression, distinguish you from your competitors, and communicate who you are and what customers can expect.

It’s a big task, right?

" The ability to be confident enables conviction, and building trust with consumers requires just that. "

Branding can be explained in many ways, but to pop it into simple and digestible terms, we have summed it up in these key points;

Making a solid investment with Brand Design

It is important in the age of start-ups and in a world dominated by consumerism, to begin with, a strong brand from the outset. And equally, existing businesses will not last without a clear brand positioning.

“Can’t I just buy a pretty pre-made logo?” I hear some say. Well, some would say you can, but we don’t recommend it, and here’s why;

Aside from the importance of first impressions, a good brand design will enable you to grow from a solid foundation with clarity and confidence. Brand design is about building a narrative. A narrative that inspires people excites consumers, engages influencers and attracts customers – and not just any customers, but the right ones.

Each touchpoint needs to be cohesive and clearly communicate your story.

Why is this so important?

Because it’s the combination of these touch points that will tell your story, particularly on a subconscious level. People buy feelings, not things, and understanding this is the difference between a consumer choosing you over someone else.

Professional Brand Design gives businesses the ability to be confident, which enables conviction, and building trust with consumers requires just that. It’s all well and good to have a great business idea; plenty of people do. But, communicating that effectively in an oversaturated market and finding the correct brand positioning is the main challenge, which is precisely why professional Brand Design works.

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for start-ups to consider their logo and brand as an afterthought, and the statistics show that cutting these corners will almost certainly land you in the 97% of Australian businesses that fail.


Want to learn more about what a professional brand identity encompasses? You can read more in The Architecture of Good Brand Design.

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